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Flag as... EDIT Edit this Article Home » Categories » Hobbies and Crafts » Tricks and Pranks » Pranks and Gags » Computer Pranks ArticleEditDiscuss Edit ArticlewikiHow to Make a Fake Error Message Recommended alternative: Focus on the problem, not the user action that led to the problem, using the passive voice as necessary. What do I do if I can't find the "change icon" option in properties?

If so, consider using an alternative feedback mechanism, such as log file entries or e-mail alerts. Design error messages from the user's point of view, not the program's point of view. The message describes the problem in terms of target user actions or goals, not in terms of what the code is unhappy with. Assign a unique error code for each different cause.

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However, you can constrain text boxes to accept only certain characters and accept a maximum number of characters. Incorrect: In this example, the title is being incorrectly used to explain the problem. Many errors can be avoided through better design, and there are often better alternatives to error messages. Whether you're an application developer or someone who wants to prank their co-worker, knowing how to create a custom error message is an essential ability.

Otherwise, provide a Close button. Note: Guidelines related to dialog boxes, warning messages, confirmations, standard icons, notifications, and layout are presented in separate articles. Leading cause: Giving too many details or trying to explain a complicated troubleshooting process within an error message. Error Box Css Character is invalid.

I never really think of that before. Error Message Examples In this example, the program can't find a camera to perform a user task. Ummm, any chance you could send me that red exclamation point to use for validation messages? Use sentence-style capitalization.

There are many articles that show nicely styled message boxes but it is not just a matter of design. Funny Error Message If you handle all these cases, then you will likely have a very robust application that can handle the unexpected things that your users will sometimes do, or that the internet The problem: The error message is phrased in a way that accuses the user of making an error. Did this article help you?

  1. Can I add custom buttons?
  2. Each message type should be presented in a different color and different icon.
  3. Notification icons appear to notify a user about a condition without interrupting their work.
  4. This list will ONLY be used for announcing new generators.
  5. You will also see how to style ValidationSummary in a similar way.
  6. The problem: There's no error from the user's point of view.
  7. No Hot-Linking!
  8. Frequently displayed error messages are a sign of bad design.
  9. Silly error messages Incorrect: In this example, the problem statement is quite ironic and no solutions are provided.

Error Message Examples

In this example, user input is not in the correct format.   Guidelines Presentation Use task dialogs whenever appropriate to achieve a consistent look and layout. Extraneous information may be hidden by default or placed in a separate location. Error Message Generator Before you leave Follow me on twitter I comment on design in general and share reads I like Subscribe to RSS If RSS is your thing, of course Read more articles Error Message 404 Retrieved 8 February 2012. ^ Raskin, Jef 2000.The Humane Interface, Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-37937-6.

In this example, the user doesn't have permission to access a resource. Don't waste time trying to make errors like this comprehensible to users because their only audience is the programmers. x=msgbox("Your Message Here", Button+Icon, "Your Title Here") 4 Customize the button(s) of your error message. Alternatively, the file simply might not exist, or the user has mistyped its name. Error Message Text Prank

Make sure the error message is relevant, actionable, brief, clear, specific, courteous, and rare. Flag as duplicate Thanks! If the solution has multiple steps, present the steps in the order in which they should be completed. Low Disk Space This error occurs when the hard drive is (nearly) full.

Flag as duplicate Thanks! Error Message Copy And Paste You have three different Styles to choose from for your error message. For more guidelines and examples, see Standard Icons.

This means that each operation in this process (saving profile and sending email) has been successfully performed.

Incorrect: In this example, an unconstrained text box is used for constrained input. These error messages have no meaning or value to users. Incorrect: Correct: The incorrect example blames the user by using the active voice. Windows Error Message Sound I'd recomment to place close button in the top right corner.

Recommended alternative: Design good error handling into the program. Retrieved 8 February 2012. ^ Rintel, Sean. "The Evolution of Fail Pets: Strategic Whimsy and Brand Awareness in Error Messages". Use the word "sorry" only in error messages that result in serious problems for the user (for example, data loss or inability to use the computer). Use present tense whenever possible.

Displayed infrequently. Low-level problems must be handled at a sufficiently high level so that the error message can be presented from the user's point of view. Go to a Random Sign Generator! From the same sub menu, click Unhide Columns.

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