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The "Files" section of the online documentation provides details of all the input and output files. Change it to "0" for auto indexing. Orientation of the detector is defined by the first two parameters: two orthogonal vectors that - together with their cross product - define a rotation matrix ED. The parameter (a number triple that specifies minimum size, maximum size, and size increment or degrees of total rotation about the spindle) characterizes a grid of data sets of varying sizes

Troubleshooting Note that before October 2012 the script used to check the header of the images to search for gaps in the rotation. If the crystal symmetry is unknown, XDS will continue data processing with the crystal being described by its reduced cell basis vectors and triclinic symmetry. This leads to excessively large and thereby inaccurate correction factors for the integrated intensity of such a reflection. It controls the upper limit for acceptable Rmeas as a multiple of the lowest Rmeas found for all tested space groups.

Xds Output Files

If any of the parameters REFLECTING_RANGE=, REFLECTING_RANGE_E.S.D.=, BEAM_DIVERGENCE=, or BEAM_DIVERGENCE_E.S.D.= is left unspecified by the user, all these values will be determined automatically from the data images specified by the PROFILE_RANGE= For reasons of speed in processing the data set, the user could then stop this job and restart XDS after either reducing the input parameter DELPHI= so that fewer images make INSUFFICIENT PERCENTAGE (< 70%) OF INDEXED REFLECTIONS " (look at the end of file "IDXREF.LP"). Repeat DEFPIX if necessary to exclude this bad region from subsequent integration.

The old, reference data set should be of type XDS_ASCII. In such a case it helps to use MINIMUM_NUMBER_OF_PIXELS_IN_A_SPOT= 12! This is usually the case since the spots are taken from a small batch of images. Xds Correct The default value of the parameter is 0.0 which should be used for all other detectors except for the PILATUS or EIGER pixel detectors.

Clearly, these pixel addresses must be unique for each segment. (However, it is possible that some addresses in the image file do not belong to any of the defined segments.) Stepping The scanner is aligned with the detector coordinate system coinciding with the laboratory system. p = g × c + o where o is the dark current offset (see OFFSET=). All files have a fixed name defined by XDS, which makes it mandatory to process each data set in a newly created directory to avoid name clashes.

This may be useful if you want to exclude high resolution reflections beyond the diffraction limit of your crystal from the final output file XDS_ASCII.HKL. Kabsch, W. Xds. Acta Cryst. D66, 125-132 (2010) COLSPOT.LP. Output file from integration. The log files from the individual programs are labeled with an extension LP (XYCORR.LP, IDXREF.LP, etc.).

Xds Tutorial

An arbitrary number (default 0) of these parameters may be specified. As XDS and the scaling programs automatically handle those this function has been commented out. Xds Output Files Automatic determination will not be attempted if all of the peak profile parameters REFLECTING_RANGE=, REFLECTING_RANGE_E.S.D.=, BEAM_DIVERGENCE=, and BEAM_DIVERGENCE_E.S.D.= are specified by the user. Error Cannot Open Or Read Xds Inp XDS will try to find a reduced cell (step "IDXREF") from the given spot list and continue in the triclinic space group P1.

huge frames leading to overflow of the shell's stack limit Increase the stack limit of your shell, e.g. (if using csh or tcsh) with limit stacksize 102400 or (in case of Example: TOTAL_SPINDLE_ROTATION_RANGES=30.0 120.0 30.0 STARTING_ANGLES_OF_SPINDLE_ROTATION=0.0 180.0 10.0 These are the default values for the two parameters. The parameter PATCH_SHUTTER_PROBLEM= provides a way to patch this hardware problem by an appropriate correction factor applied to the reflection intensities. Fraction of polarization of direct beam in a plane specified by its normal. Xds Xscale

  • XPLAN will pinpoint an optimal starting angle selected from the grid phi=0, 10, 20, ..., 180 degrees if the data set covers 30 degrees of total rotation, and repeats the analysis
  • NAME_TEMPLATE_OF_DATA_FRAMES (eg., ./images/myoWI3_1_???.img.
  • The following formats produces reflection file suitable for running the f2mtz program to create the corresponding mtz file.
  • Files attached,> plus relevant text clips,.>> NB: everything seems to fail at the integration step.>> NB2: This is quite crappy data….(!)>> Tony.>> >XDS.INP>> JOB=INTEGRATE> MAXIMUM_NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS=8> TEST=2> DELPHI=5.0> REFINE(INTEGRATE)=ORIENTATION CELL BEAM DISTANCE>
  • If this number exceeds, COLSPOT will automatically raise the threshold used for classifying a 'strong' pixel.
  • XDS assumes a right handed rotation of the crystal about the rotation axis when proceeding to the next data image.

the cylindrical detector PILATUS 12M at the DIAMOND I23 beam line) corrections are determined for the specific orientation and translation of each segment. The results are used to estimate the expected variation in a data image in the absence of any spot and saved in the look-up table GAIN.cbf. SOLUTION IS INACCURATE This message is printed if the "STANDARD DEVIATION OF SPOT POSITION (PIXELS)" is larger than the MAXIMUM_ERROR_OF_SPOT_POSITION= (default of 3). MINIMUM_NUMBER_OF_PIXELS_IN_A_SPOT.

This page has been accessed 14,974 times. Xds Integrate Parameter is used by COLSPOT SIGNAL_PIXEL= The pixel contents must exceed the background by more than the specified value of standard deviations to be included in the calculation of the Unreliable pixels are marked by -3 in the final background table BKGPIX.cbf and removed from the trusted detector region.

Parameter is used by IDXREF INCIDENT_BEAM_DIRECTION= x, y, z components of the incident beam direction with respect to the laboratory coordinate system.

Example:REFINE(INTEGRATE)= BEAM CELL This means that incident beam direction, unit cell orientation and cell constants, but not the detector distance nor the rotation axis, will be refined during the INTEGRATE step. default is 5, so try with e.g. 10, 20, 45, 90, 180 and re-run INTEGRATE. Edit the line "OUTPUT_FILE= XDS_CONV.HKL CCP4_F". Xds_par An interior point of the quadrilateral will always be seen on the same side (either left or right) by a person walking along the lines connecting the 4 corners in succession

Example:ROTATION_AXIS= 0.0 1.0 0.0 The rotation axis points along the laboratory y-axis. If it does, it is either a bug in the program which should be brought to the attention of Wolfgang Kabsch or Kay Diederichs, and will be fixed, or it is Thus, in case IDXREF failed because of too many alien spots near the center of the image, the user could exclude these spots by an appropriate increase of RMIN and repeating For recognizing these shaded regions, DEFPIX generates the control image ABS.pck from the initial background table BKGINIT.pck (obtained from the INIT step).

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